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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying …

“Absolutely delightfully beautiful person who is the best at what she does. I have known Kama  for years, and to say that she excels in her role in life is really not adequate. If you have any project requiring her skills, be smart and call her, you will be totally satisfied, and today that is saying something.” 


“Kama provides quality space planning ideas with cost-effective furniture solutions. I have utilized her skills in a number of interior design projects, and her results are consistently outstanding and prompt. She is, by far, the best interior space planner with whom I have partnered.”


“Kama is a creative, intelligent woman with the ability to find solutions for even the most challenging clients and situations. Kama delivers as promised, on time, with zero errors. Her follow-up is phenomenal. Kama and her team at Q+E Furniture Solutions is my first choice for all of my design needs and I highly recommend them as a premier source for office furniture.”


“Kama worked as a contractor while I was working at a local dealer. She was a great help while I was overloaded with projects. She was professional, accurate, and a good team member.”


“I have worked with Kama for nearly 10 years in the capacity of client and co-worker. Her attention to clients needs is her top priority. She always goes out of her way to find the best solution for each individual project. I cannot recommend her or Q+E Furniture Solutions enough.”


“My experience with Kama has been consistently one of receiving top quality service, well thought-out designs and a creative flair that distinguishes her from the crowds. There were times I gave work to Kama that had to be done yesterday; she’d practically deliver it the day before that! With a truly welcome positive approach and an attention to detail Kama’s work speaks excellence all the way. She is productivity and professionalism wrapped up with a very pleasant personality.”


“I had the pleasure to work with Kama when she was a design consultant on a mutual client’s projects. I found Kama to be professional, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for the best possible result for her client. I sure hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”


“Kama has been invaluable to our project. She has worked closely with our architects and product suppliers to get us the best value for our money as well as taking so much of the detail work off of my plate. I cannot imagine trying to complete a project of this magnitude without the kind of help I received from Kama. I give the highest recommendation for knowledge of her industry, the ability to work well with a multitude of service providers and funders, and always maintaining a cheerful countenance no matter the “issue of the day”. Thank you, Kama!”

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